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  • Our profile
  • D S Construction Company Limited has been the backbone of many building contractors when it comes to giving aesthetic finishes to buildings for it to meet 21st century standards. It has always been the choice of many well-known licensed architects for years. Our track record over the years in Ghana has won us many contracts from a number of reputable organizations within the country.
  • Our vision
  • We envision crossing the borders of Ghana to other West African countries. We are already in Togo and our tentacles are still spreading. By the year 2020, we hope to take coverage in all the sixteen countries in West Africa.
  • Our Current Projects
  • Ashesi University Brekuso - 2018
    Ghana Employers Association - 2021
    Private Properties - 2021
  • Request for a quotation
  • Architects
    • Dharma Consult Ltd.
    • Sutherland & Sutherland Ltd.
    • Modula Grup Ltd.
    • Broch Ventures Ltd.
    • University Council
    • Asona Ent. Ltd.
    • A. B. P. Consult Ltd.
    • Cassoti Ltd.
    • Technocrete Ltd.
    • Sampa & Sekyere Ltd.
    • Cymain Gh. Ltd.
    • Real Estate Developers Ltd.
    • AESL
    • M. Mood Ltd.
    • Atilier Ltd.
    • Mr. Kwame Eshun
    • Amantra Ltd.
  • Our clients locations
  • Our excellent services has secured us a place in the hearts of well-respected organizations and private individuals across Ghana. Our client list keeps doubling.
  • Current clients
    • National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO)
    • Databank Financial Services Limited
    • Unibank
    • Kumawu Rural Bank
    • National Investment Bank (NIB)
    • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)
    • University of Education
    • Association Int. Sch.
    • Ghana Water Company Ltd.
    • Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT)
    • National Communication Authority(NCA)
    • Star Assurance Co. Ltd.
    • Wineba Government Hospital
    • Cal Bank
    • Calvary Baptist Church
    • Mount Olivet Methodist Church
    • Hillcrest Hotel
    • West Africa Décor Tile
    • Nurses & Midwifes Quarters Building
    • Vantage Real Estate
    • T T Brothers
    • Local Government Accra
    • First Atlantic Bank
    • Berock Ventures
    • Bank of Ghana
    • Mr. JB Asafo Boakye
    • Winmat
    • Oforikrom Clinic
    • Cal Bank
    • Floral Court
    • Kalton Properties

Our client list
Below is a list of our corporate clients, the location of executed projects, and the licensed Architects/ planning engineers behind the projects

National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) Dharma Consult Ltd. Kawukudi- Accra
Databank Financial Services Limited Sutherland & Sutherland Ltd. Kumasi
Unibank Modula Grup Ltd. Accra Main
Kumawu Rural Bank Modula Grup Ltd. Kumawu
NIB Modula Grup Ltd. Head Office Tema
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)
New ICT Center
New Medical Laboratory
Broch Ventures Ltd. Kumasi
University of Education University Council Wineba
Association Int. Sch. Asona Ent. Ltd. Airport
Ghana Water Company Ltd. Asona Ent. Ltd. Kwabeng, Kibi, Osenase, Apegyua
Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) Modular Grup Ltd. Abankrom, Kumasi
National Communication Authority(NCA) Modular Grup Ltd. Cantonment Accra
Star Assurance Co. Ltd. Modular Grup Ltd. Agogo, Hwediem, Nkawkaw
Wineba Government Hospital A. B. P. Consult Ltd. Wineba
Cal Bank Cassoti Ltd. Tema
Calvary Baptist Church Technocrete Ltd. Adenta
Mount Olivet Methodist Church Sampa & Sekyere Ltd. Dansoman
Hillcrest Hotel Sampa & Sekyere Ltd. Takoradi
West Africa Décor Tile Cymain Gh. Ltd. Accra
Nurses & Midwifes Quarters Building Cymain Gh. Ltd. Gulf house
Vantage Real Estate Real Estate Developers Ltd. Togo
T T Brothers Real Estate Developers Ltd. Tema
Local Government Accra AESL East Lego Accra
First Atlantic Bank M. Mood Ltd. Accra
Berock Ventures A.B.P. Consult Ltd. Kumasi
Bank of Ghana Modula Group Ltd. Takoradi
Mr. JB Asafo Boakye Atilier Ltd. Tema Comm 18
Winmat Asona Ltd. Kokomlemle Accra
Oforikrom Clinic Mr. Kwame Eshun Kumasi
Cal Bank Amantra Ltd. Takoradi
Floral Court Amantra Ltd. Accra
Kalton Properties Amantra Ltd. Osu

Contact DS Construction Company limited for all your aluminium fabrication solutions.
We are located on Onyaa Crescent off Nima road.
A few meters from the Nima Police Station.

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+233 208 117 328
+233 244 360 846
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